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  1. I appreciate it whenever someone posts in support of Dakich. It lets me know which members I no longer need to take seriously when I read the threads.
  2. I took that top line seriously and kept waiting for a picture or a gif to load into that empty space, something with a positive vibe, but nothing ever happened. Feels like a metaphor tbh.
  3. Spot on. I'll add to this that McKinley Wright was a three star recruit, ranked into the 200s. I wasn't on this board much back then, but on my main site I know opinions were mixed in whether we even wanted him. Hindsight makes it look obvious, but at the time the thinking was we should pass and hold out for Phinisee and Darius Garland, who would be committing that fall. The simplest explanation is that Archie's priorities upon arriving at Indiana lay elsewhere, and the administration had nothing to do with McKinley Wright ending up at Colorado. Mistakes in evaluation happen all the time,
  4. Per Bracket Matrix we're include in just 56 of the 105 brackets they track, in just 29 of the 68 published yesterday.
  5. ... my soul will leave my body and ascend to heaven.
  6. It's not just one recruit, though. Archie went after Darius Garland even after Rob committed. He's offered 20 PG and CG in the classes since, guys like DJ Carton, Tyrell Terry, Kira Lewis, Jahmius Ramsey, RJ Davis, Caleb Love, Andre Curbelo. The only one he's landed is Lander, playing up a class and not able to contribute. One low-four-star recruit turning into a bust shouldn't sink a program for multiple seasons. Archie has tried to recruit over Phinisee since he committed, he just hasn't been able to do so. But it goes beyond PG. Where are the wings on this roster? Jerome Hunter came in
  7. McKinley Wright started his career four years ago. I've seen no evidence that Archie was prohibited from bringing Wright with him, only conjecture from those fans seeking external factors to explain why Archie hasn't met expectations. But even granting the premise, so what? In the time that Wright has become a senior, Archie is still without a reliable point guard. Sucks that we were prevented from bringing in a recruit that would go on to become a star, if that's indeed what happened. Now what about every miss that's happened since? Regardless of the reason why Wright didn't come to Indiana,
  8. It sucks that Joey is out. Truly. But losing a backup for the year is not a rare hardship for a college basketball team. Other than a few tweaked ankles, we've had a healthy team most all of the season. We also have open scholarships available, because Archie was unwilling or unable to use them to improve the depth or talent of his roster. Maybe a healthy Joey would indeed be the difference in a few wins. But the roster is the responsibility of the head coach, and if can't absorb a season-ending injury to a backup center, that's a problematic roster. Archie isn't the only coach to endure
  9. I can vouch for this experience. The friends and family I have aren't the passionate fans on message board, but that means they're not diving deep into every nuance of the situation. They aren't crafting arguments for why this might turn around. They see that we haven't made the tournament and decide Archie has to go. It's a results driven business, and if you're having to give explanations for why results aren't there, you're already losing the argument.
  10. Totally agree. I haven't been an Indiana fan as long as most. It wasn't until the year after Knight was fired that I stepped foot on campus. But even I know to view the NCAA Tournament as a minimum expectation, not a mark of success on the season. We fired Crean because of too many seasons exactly like this one, spent on the bubble, finishing in the bottom half of the Big Ten. And that's all we've known for four seasons under Archie. Just making the Tournament this year shouldn't be good enough. It's only because we keep falling short of that mark that we've started viewing it as a measur
  11. Anderson, Hunter and Race Thompson all committed with 24 hours of Aaron Henry receiving an offer from Indiana. Those three commits had all held an offer for more than a month before Henry received his. I don't recall if Henry blew up his senior year or not, but it's clear from the timeline he wasn't a priority for Archie.
  12. In conference play, we're shooting 35% from three, good for fifth in the conference. We're dead last in attempts though, with just 18.7 per game.
  13. https://www.insidethehall.com/2020/08/11/we-have-a-more-skilled-team-new-look-offense-takes-shape-for-indiana/
  14. Archie has been trying to recruit over Phinisee since he committed, and my recollection was Crean tried to do the same with Newkirk. I don't think either was viewed as the solution, just neither coach could do better until Lander. The big what if for me will always be Tremont Waters. We thought he was ours until a last minute flip to Georgetown, and then again to LSU. And we know his father was looking for benefits. Kid was a stud from day one, if he'd had played it clean and come here, where might the program be now.
  15. Recruiting. Between Zeller, Oladipo, Hulls and Watford, that team lost four guys with over 1,000 points for their career. The next seasons team lacked shooting, so Crean recruited James Blackmon and Robert Johnson. Then the next team lacked size, so Crean recruited Thomas Bryant, Juwan Morgan and OG Anunoby. It all came together that year, but then Yogi left and the next team lacked a point guard. Crean was always having to plug holes, often self inflicted holes due to his roster turnover, and I believe that's why he was fired, not his scheme.
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