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  1. Its obvious you don't know how this works
  2. Where did that get us? We are a average B10 program...we have been passed by the bottom feeders of the league
  3. I just had a friend txt me..."all we have become is just a basketball program "...getting passed by lower level teams
  4. Well im glad there is one team in Indiana that can win
  5. Start the buses boys...humiliated again...i see a first round exit in tournament....they just don't get it
  6. We can't hit them,or close shots next to the rim....
  7. Wow...TJD holding his hands up...this is why we lose double digits every year
  8. Well hopefully Shrewsbury goes to G-Town
  9. Very lazy performance...not impressed so to this point
  10. OSU is running out of gas....IU needs to do this to PSU
  11. Wow...and in front of potential recruits...this product..smh...guess im going to watch nascar
  12. This team...smh...i just don't get it...they should be killing it for TJD
  13. U must be a ncaa official...i been around long enough to know how you are...🙄 thanks to those who answered with intelligence
  14. Your way off...if were a 1 we could play in B Town...not if were a 2
  15. Success to early ...these were not the greatest games this team had played...40 minutes in 80 minutes...lucky to have played today...SP needs to find her self
  16. OSU with the biggest comeback in tournament history
  17. Horrible loss.. got beat by 24pts im second half...Parrish should have been benched
  18. Well looking like a 2seed now...smh
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