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  1. I cant watch the game live today. If I remember correctly there was a replay option for the games. Anyone know if that is true, and if so, how long the replay is available on BTN+? Thanks.
  2. How many times are you going to say this? Are you a Michigan Bot? Are you trying to influence the election.....I mean....the recruitment?
  3. Could care less about the process.....as long as the result is the same as Romeo....that is what it takes many times to get kids like him. May very well be the same for Lander.
  4. He will be on roster at Houston soon.
  5. So you admit you don't watch the NBA, but you have opinions on what a top 15 pick looks like? Makes total sense. YCMTSU.
  6. Are you all trying to start a tornado or something?
  7. Agreed......it has actually become a bit stale. I was talking more about the competition aspect.
  8. Remember when we WANTED games like that? It was nice.
  9. In my opinion it would not have had the Pacers drafted him.
  10. God I hope none of that is true. If it is then F Bobby for putting it out there! No F Bobby either way.
  11. You all are like Pavlov's dog, and someone just rang the bell. And I LOVE IT!
  12. While I hope you are correct.....there is little to no evidence of that. What am I missing that makes you say that? He is a high energy guy....but I have not seen BIG10 skill level in any way.
  13. Hmmmm guys....turn on any news channel please. There is No IU news. Jeez
  14. Anybody there.....or able to watch.....or do the Twitter thing.......What if any was TJD's reaction?
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