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  1. Play college fball for your dad! Way to go son, that is how you become a man!!
  2. F**K you Kelvin! i was having a hard time seeing his face these last few games as they made their run. This beatdown is reeeaaly nice
  3. I wouldn’t really say the Big Ten was a fraud. There is no doubt there are a large number of well coached, tough, disciplined teams. But once again, when it comes time for the tournament, So many flame out and underwhelm. Should we move the big 10 tournament so it ends on Saturday like almost everyone else? (mid-majors a whole week earlier). Do we just play to physical a game that does not match up well against tournament opponents? Is this influenced by the Big officiating? I think there are a lot of possibilities other than a fraud.
  4. Why is everyone hung up on making the tournament? So what if we do? Is that the official sign that we have made progress, that we are headed in the right direction? Big whoop if we make the tournament and likely go 0-1. We should be much further along than this in year four. What we have seen so far is not the right fit and we are headed for chronic mediocracy.
  5. I agree. What a fun place this will be over the off season!
  6. Win or lose here tonight I feel like there is no doubt now. Archie just needs to go. This is not going to get better and the sooner we restart the better. This is not Indiana basketball
  7. Or there is just a little excitement for this game. Yes I know that you are excited but normally people are posting for several days in advance of a game. I guess it is Super Bowl Sunday as well
  8. One hour till gametime and not even one full page on the pregame thread. Indiana basketball apathy in full effect?
  9. Social media + teenagers = absolute idiocracy and lameness
  10. Lets look at some positives.... maybe no Bill Walton and his Maui Jim sunglasses
  11. This is exciting, as Asheville is my hometown. I have attended many many different events (from concerts, different arts and crafts shows, as well as the Big South Conference basketball tournament) at the newly named Harrahs Cherokee Center. It has changed names many times and most here still refer to it as the Civic Center. It is an intimate and fun little arena. And Asheville is such a great town. If it happens, pre party at my place for those who make it!
  12. And what a shocker how quickly the story disappeared from espn website. Literally the same day it was posted. Hmmmm
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