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  1. Symptoms from the vaccines seem to range all over the place. My wife had the Moderna shots, and the 2nd one made her feel like she had a bad cold for about a day, plus noticeable swelling in her entire upper arm. I had the Pfizer shots and with both, the only issue I had was that my shoulder felt like I pitched a 9 inning complete game the next day. No swelling though. Wasn't pleasant, but wasn't anything Advil couldn't take care of.
  2. You just found the key to getting half the world's population to get vaccinated. "Studies show COVID vaccines can help prevent limp noodle syndrome" Every male on the planet would be vaccinated in a week. 🤣
  3. If the B12 were to remain in existence, your reasons would be valid. However, I look at it from the perspective of the B12’s collapse being inevitable. We’re not chasing after Kansas, but if they need a place to land, why not? Same goes for Iowa State. No, they aren’t major media markets, but they fit. The one that intrigues me is A&M. If they decide to tell the SEC to go pee up a rope over UT, I say we chase them. But, that also leaves us with an odd number, provided we admit Kansas and ISU.
  4. It depends on which portion of the batch you get. If the employees just scrape up all the little half circles that are fried to hell and back, they’re horrible. The long, spiral pieces, yes, delicious.
  5. Vincennes is more or less home for me. Lived just across the river, but spent as much time in Vincennes. When I lived there, Monicals hadn’t made it across the river yet. They had locations in Mt Carmel, IL and Robinson, IL.
  6. I’m not saying they’re in any way connected, or that their talent, potential and strengths/weaknesses are in any way similar, but Vic’s freshman season could be described as “flashes of potential” as well.
  7. Just curious where you’re drawing the line between mid and major bowls. Obviously any of the BCS bowls would be major, but what’s your definition for the rest.
  8. Having friends in the right places is good. Edit: I was curious, since she said “…that will tell you how old I am.” I couldn’t believe she’s 48….and looks a good 10-12 years younger.
  9. Familiar with the name, as I’m originally from southeastern Illinois, but never actually eaten there.
  10. It’s not bad, but not great. It was the closest pizza place to my former house though. And agree with you on the gastrointestinal effects of Pizza Hut. A very Taco Bell type effect.
  11. Time will tell how it turns out, but those trades made me think of the ‘97 Mariners. Their bullpen was atrocious and they decide to go for broke. All prospects on the table. Did they go after White Sox all star closer Roberto Hernandez? Maybe serviceable reliever Steve Klein from Cleveland? No, of course not. They get Mike Timlin (a decent throw in), Paul Spoljarik and Heathcliff Slocumb. *sigh* And all they gave up were Jose Cruz, who wound up with a decent career but was probably the hottest OF prospect that deadline, and a couple of guys named Lowe and Varitek that did a couple things in Boston. Oops.
  12. I was in a Domino’s waiting behind one other customer to pick up my pizza order. A third customer comes in carrying two pizza boxes and slams them down on the counter. His only comments before storming back out the door was (verbatim): “I’m contacting your corporate office for a refund. I can’t eat this. It tastes like wet dog.” The obvious comment was made by the guy behind the counter “How does he know what wet dog tastes like.” My answer to that was (and read between the lines on this one…): “Good thing he didn’t order Chinese.”
  13. Par for the course for me.
  14. Vanilla Gorilla sighting?
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