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  1. This is awesome. I told my best friend way back when he committed TJD may turn into one of the people’s favorite Hoosier’s. Might not be the best but he has always seemed to love IU and has always seemed to promote his love for being here. Hopefully some in the portal get swayed to run it back as well.
  2. So lander is in another group shot of this meeting and Armaan is in that same picture but hidden by Brunk. Some other poster in a different thread found him. I don’t remember which one. Sorry.
  3. Who knows. It’s the ncaa. They might not even pass the one time transfer rule for all we know.
  4. Actually technically no. That rule hasn’t passed yet. They are voting on that this weekend at the final four meeting. So as of right now all transfers have to sit a year unless they get a waiver.
  5. Nope not long at all. I’ve done it numerous times. Really boring though.
  6. I know he wants to be closer to home, but I’m wondering if it’s UE closer to home or IU closer to home.
  7. He might be able to tell the staff who he thinks they should go after but he cannot do any active recruiting.
  8. He can’t actively recruit nor coach. He’s basically a consultant to help Woodson transition to the college game.
  9. I wondered who she was. He always talks about his in-laws being IU fans and his wife being an IU grad.
  10. I hope we at least keep hunter. There’s just something about him I like.
  11. Yeah from all the talk on other boards and stuff it didn’t seem like Geronimo was coming back regardless of who the coach was. I think he wanted to go back closer to home.
  12. No. They can like go see him but he can’t actively recruit or do any type of coaching.
  13. I am okay with this. I really like those two for some reason. I hope they both actually do get retained.
  14. I will support him because he’s our coach but he has got to get us turned around sooner rather than later. We cannot be in another 4 year rebuild. If he gets everyone back including TJD he should be in the tournament next year. He needs to be in the tournament by year 2.
  15. But I don’t think Matta can go out and recruit. He’s basically a consultant.
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