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  1. I don't think it normally matters much but, in this case, being Lebron's son I believe has helped his ranking. No way he's a burger boy if he wasn't Lebron's son.
  2. I think he's transferred 7 more times since then and is on school #23.
  3. The difference between 1 and 2 is greater than that between 2 and 14. Ridiculous. No way they foul that much less than every other team in the B1G.
  4. That's what a good coach does. He assesses a player's game and finds ways for them to be successful by playing to their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses. Sean is obviously a much better coach than Archie. He saw that Hunter wasn't a good 3-point shooter in college and gave him another way to be effective. Archie just let him or told him to keep jacking.
  5. Most years, yes. Not this year. This year the B12 is really good and the B1G... not so much. But when Hoiberg was at ISU, then certainly that was the case.
  6. Unfortunately, Edey is the type of big that TJD has struggled against historically. Big bigs give him trouble. Of course, he's playing better than he's ever played before so maybe that will change.
  7. He has a championship but also multiple early round upsets, including losing in the first round as a #1 seed.
  8. Yep, they're supposed to be impartial judges. They're human so some of those things might affect them a bit but it shouldn't affect them as much as it does. Letting the crowd affect them is not being impartial so he basically admits that they're not doing their jobs correctly.
  9. I would listen but it requires installing iTunes to do so. Not going to happen. The coaches get paid millions of dollars to take the necessary steps to win. That includes teaching their players how to play without fouling. You better believe that they (at least the good ones) scout not only their opponents but the officials to know what they can and can't get away with. If the officials call the games how they would be called in the tournament, the coaches and teams will adapt to that. Sure, it might take a few ugly games with lots of fouls and/or coaches getting kicked out but they would adapt.
  10. The coaches should work around the officiating and not the other way around. Blaming the coaches is a copout and shows why the B1G officiating sucks and won't change any time soon.
  11. Look at all that mid major talent IU's had the past few years. Amazing.
  12. Not until he coaches a game in shorts, a hoodie, and sandals with socks.
  13. His gimpy back this year is probably making him think about injury in addition to the ones you mentioned.
  14. I was just kidding. Man, that must've been a hell of a dunk.
  15. That surprises me not at all. I expect IU will lose 7 players or more from the current team. 3 players run out of eligibility. TJD and JHS go pro. Duncomb and at least 1 other (JG is my guess) transfer. I can easily see more than transfers than that. And IU has only 2 players coming in next season right now to replace all of those.
  16. Which they accidentally posted a day early then denied what the video said and tried to blame others.
  17. The university is not paying the NIL money so they are no closer to being university employees than they were before NIL. People/companies paying NIL money are capable of putting behavior clauses into the contracts if they want to.
  18. Answered that before you even asked. Reread the post you quoted.
  19. Only 3 players run out of eligibility. TJD could play another year of college ball if he wants to, it's just highly unlikely that he will.
  20. Lots of work to be done in the spring. They don't currently have enough incoming players (2) to replace the 3 players who will run out of eligibility after this season. Then there is almost certainly gone TJD, likely gone JHS, and probably some transfers (Duncomb and JG seem likely to me). For a coaching staff that says they don't want to rely on the portal, they're not doing a good job of landing HS players to fill the needs. Counting on landing players in the spring doesn't seem like a sustainable option, especially if the wheels come off this season.
  21. Too distracted by social media criticism like below. XJ replied then Miller Kopp, Race, and Leal all chimed in. They're looking thin skinned and unfocused, especially since this seems like a very mild criticism.
  22. Summary: Brian Evans is less than thrilled with the current state of the program.
  23. That seems like a stretch at this point.
  24. Turnovers have been a problem this season, steals in particular. IU's opponents have an average of 7.3 steals per game this season. 10.2 steals per game in the 5 loses. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that isn't good.
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