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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ncaa-council-approves-nit-type-tourney-for-womens-basketball-votes-to-revive-ncaa-run-recruiting-academies/
  2. IU's last championship was also before any of today's recruits were born. I know when I was choosing a college that the look of the campus had zero influence on my decision. It might matter to some, but I doubt it is a major factor of very many recruits. Relationships, money, playing style, playing time, etc. are probably much more important.
  3. After further experimentation on my phone with using new tabs I have found the following. I don't know if it'll be helpful but here it is: - Even when clicking in "next" doesn't take me to the next page, I can open the next page using a new tab. - Opening threads in new tabs from the forum does not fix the issue. Still not able to change pages.
  4. Wrong size and position. I think he got confused with Gunn.
  5. I didn't really know him. I didn't play baseball or have him for math. Kids don't like his coaching style?
  6. Today was a bad day to quit smoking crack. Surely there must be some news soon.
  7. When I was at Bloomington North, the baseball coach's name was Richard Hurt.
  8. Only a downside if you live on Eastern time. I live in AZ so those games mean I'll be home from work before the games start.
  9. Well, we're currently only on page 2 sooo...
  10. That isn't this year. That will start in 2 years.
  11. That's not really a good point. It might be if it was the league handing down this suspension but it isn't, it's the Celtics who are suspending him. What the Lakers did or didn't do has absolutely no bearing on this situation.
  12. Seth Towns won't be playing this year. He gave up on basketball. But I agree, I think they'll be decent at worst and probably be pretty good, especially towards the end of the year after the freshmen have had time to adjust.
  13. Speaking of new tabs, when I'm on my Windows laptop I always open threads in new tabs and never have this issue there. Only have the issue on my Android phone. I use Chrome on both. I have an ad blocker on the laptop Chrome. I'll try to start opening threads in new tabs on my phone to see if the problem persists there or not.
  14. He also blew out his knee. So he has to adjust to the college game and speed while also recovering from that.
  15. I'm also having that issue on Android. I haven't tried the New Tab but I am able to go back to the forum page. It does seem to think that the last page loaded because it shows no unread posts even though but I can jump directly to the last page to read those posts.
  16. It's hot in Arizona, water is wet, and IU football sucks. It's just the nature of things.
  17. I almost made a post myself blaming Clif, lol.
  18. I'm personally hoping he fails and fails spectacularly. It's not personal, it's just f**k Duke.
  19. Technically, everything you see has happened in the past. Light and sound travel quickly, but not instantaneously. Love your post though.
  20. https://www.insidethehall.com/2022/08/23/tip-time-ticket-information-released-for-indianas-game-against-arizona-in-las-vegas/
  21. https://247sports.com/Article/Basketball-recruiting-Deshawn-Harris-Smith-Penn-State-Maryland-Villanova-Indiana-Xavier-191822596/ New quotes seem to reaffirm that it's Maryland. He talks as though he's already a part of that team. I still think Xavier is his second choice.
  22. If be ok with that as long as he doesn't have the Robbie Hummel injuries.
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