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  1. I would agree with this. Other teams are okay ripping shots 30+ out. IUs has the confidence that they can get better shots by working the the ball closer and into the 18.
  2. agreed. Im not saying to not recruit over 4 year guys. The hopes is that you can get 4 year guys to fill the roster in case of a "missed" year. The problem is the way the NCAA has constructed this system that the 4 year guys will be a rarity. IU needs to not worry about recruiting over people. Go out and get the best guys you can get. Just a lot of turnover.
  3. The in state Braden Smiths of the world would be ideal to fill out the roster like you mention. The tricky part with the current transfer rules is to get those guys to come and stay all 4 years being continuously recruited over. tough road to navigate.
  4. these scholarship grids have me all messed up. They should reflect the actual class and put an * next to everyone that has the extra year of eligibility due to covid year.... anyway I was trying to go through the numbers of who can leave, and who can stay. then i thought everyone could stay, but also everyone could leave... the 5 seniors and TJD are the obvious potential departures. Point being... recruit on. i like your number of 4 Ideally im thinking 3-4 HS recruits and 1-2 transfers
  5. not as confident as i was prior to the game. coulda used glass yesterday and going forward. team looks poised to make a run squarely on the shoulders of the monster in back at GK.
  6. Maybe IU hire him under the table... to take a head coaching position at a mid-major, recruit the lesser known players, develop them for two years, and funnel them to IU? obviously just a joke.
  7. get to work. hoepfully CMW is still around in 18 years
  8. yah, I know. I am a natural pessimist. So I am going to just assume they are gone. If 1 or more stays, pleasantly surprised. harder to let me down that way.
  9. This is pretty cool. Shows not only the love the players have for CMW, but to go back to support the Knicks... it shows just of much love CMW has for his players.
  10. I do too! I just got Lasik. We are like twinkies!
  11. I deleted the comment because it was unnecessary. i apologize.
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