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  1. “My team is on the floor”, still a money line after all these years
  2. The fact that Archie let his people leak he was fired before anyone could talk to the team was all I needed to know about what kind of guy he is. Take your ball and go home good sir. I don’t hate you or wish you ill will but I certainly see no reason to act like I like him or the mediocrity he lead IU in. He had a chance to exit with his head up and left in a tantrum. The fact two of his coaches are still on staff speaks volumes to me as well. How often does something like that happen? Says a lot without saying anything.
  3. Yeah it’s crazy how long out these things are scheduled now. Would love to see this sooner but excited to see this.
  4. Interesting to see it appears she was also involved in getting esports going at here old school. So not only does she get Athletics but also is in tune with the next generation of competition. IU has zero presence in esports right now and I have been told Glass wanted nothing to do with it though many schools actually align esports with Athletics. This is encouraging on many levels.
  5. Good to see Sean May get an elevation to assistant coach at UNC. I know there was talk of him having a chance of coming on at IU. If Roy doesn’t step down makes you wonder if that would have changed things and our potential coaches. Happy with Yasir and happy with where we are at. Just always interested with how one thing could have had a ripple effect here and elsewhere.
  6. I personally love the option for a team to decline free throws and take a throw in instead. At the end of the game down by three I want the game decided by good defense or a great offensive bucket, not allowing the other team to foul their way into a win. This rule is the one that I would be for the most. I also agree just move the game to quarters. I might also be ok with the euro step and other moves like that but not completely sure yet.
  7. I think the overall tone was IU fans get basketball and are passionate yet he will stick up for this team. Personally I think he was more pointing at the media and how negative articles rile the fans up. Also noted players need to stop tweeting and start staying after games to sign autographs. It’s on everyone, fans, media, coaches, players to be more human and know each other maybe almost like family. If anything I think he was more implying we have gotten into this mode where we are all disconnected and we need to reconnect in real life as IU fans. We are all to blame and all part of th
  8. I was glad I had the time to watch this it was really great.
  9. I am 15 minutes in this and I love it. Man this guy is a leader. Love his presence.
  10. Pretty sure when I was in undergrad at IU with Fife I saw him drink that exact mug in one move at Kilroy’s or Nicks
  11. I may have been a toddler but I am pretty sure I remember Woodson and those old IU basketball teams. I watched them on the old black and white TV while I played with my Star Wars and GI Joe action figures. Pretty sure I had Woodson dunking on Chewbacca at one point off a sweet lob from Flint.
  12. Yeah, I am not surprised by this. I think what everyone notes about his style likely not fitting with Woodson’s plan makes sense. I do have to wonder what teams will take a chance with him. I would really want to see footage of how he moves and practices on the court after back surgery. I truly expected him to play limited minutes next season so I think a lot of teams will be hesitant with him. Wishing him the best of luck as I would like to see him finish his career off the way he wants.
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