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Time to give Justin smith some love.  Played a pretty good game today.  I thought his defense was good even though his man was scoring.  Sometimes good offense trumps good defense.  Hopefully this rai

Can we give Archie some praise? If another coach had won three straight games by 2 or less points we be talking about how well coached they are and how well they execute down the stretch. We win three

My big take away from this thread.... HSN has a lot of old members with bad hearts and drinking problems. Home sweet home!

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8 minutes ago, Bowhunter said:

I’m happy for the W don’t get me wrong but neutral court or at Louisville we lose by 10 

Disagree.  I doubt they hit all those PRAYERS again.  And our defense will travel.

I bet if we played in the tournament we win.


And on that note....this team is figuring out how to win....this is a HUGE development.  2 points 2 points 1 point

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Was a great game. Free throws remained a critical weakness, but we'll get better I think. Phinisee's 3 was a dagger, and this kid is special. There are not many freshmen who got guts to take that shot. UL played pretty rough, and our one two punches (Morgan and Langford) plus DAVIS carried the team throughout the game. I don't mind us winning a lot of close games (it's actually great) but I worry about slow starts. But I gotta say this group of kids is resilient; they keep their composure in the last 5 minutes of the game that got us a W. This experience will be valuable going forward. There was some concerns but it seemed like Langford and Smith got along well, at least in the game. 

Davis is almost automatic in the low block. Archie made a good decision using him down low and attack. He will continue to be a critical part of our offense. 

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Won our last 3 games by a combined 5 points... I’ve been pacing a hole in the floor in front of my TV.  

Huge win for our tournament resume.  Romeo and Juwan did their thing, and Big Shot Rob has ice in his veins.  Nice bounce back game for Smith as well.  Have to think all these close wins are going to help the team in big moments down the road.

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2 minutes ago, Bowhunter said:

Home court advantage is usually with about 8-10 points on its own. 

Enjoy the win....many more to come. If you are wanting this team to blow teams out every game, just not going to happen. Not loaded with 3 shooters to hit 5 in a row to do that.

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3 minutes ago, CapnRon said:

With that logic we beat Arkansas at home by 15.  Same record still.

Wait till we play a really good team on the road. Doesn’t have to be Duke. Top half of this conference on the road will expose our poor free throw shooting and lack of outside consistency.

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