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The Culture Of Indiana Mens Basketball Program.

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The culture in and around the men's basketball program at IU is and has been rank and afoul for 27 years. So much so it's going to take Three very good coaches to fix it. We have to get players that will give and do whatever it takes to win. A coaching staff that will set expectations and hold each and every player accountable to uphold those expectations. Sounds like we have a coach that will do that. Now we need to get rid of the media. mainly speaking of the Indy star. What a bunch of bitches they have covering our program up there. 

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I’ve been a critic of Woody (kept it to myself, until now I guess) but I absolutely loved what he did last night and loved even more what he said.  If I’m a parent of a recruit I want my kids held accountable and punished just like they would be if they were under my roof.  Kudos to Coach Woody for doing what few have the balls to do anymore!! 

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