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3/15 H vs UK


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Obviously a big game... even bigger game after getting swept this weekend. No clue who starts (probably Hayden), he threw yesterday, but maybe only 15 or so pitches. 

I think he will start and you give him 50 or 60 pitches and you go from there. 

Tucker, Perkins, and Sharp all pitched really well this weekend. Modugno continues to struggle. 

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I hope we come out pissed off. We lost games by 3, 2, and 1 this weekend. And the 3 run game was a CLOSE game the entire game. 

It lists the starter at Luke Hayden tonight, hope he can get us off to a good start.  I don't see them letting him throw anymore than 50 or 60. At that amount, he can still pitch this weekend. Truthfully, I hope he gets a start this weekend. 

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Yes, we absolutely kicked the crap out of UK last night. 


We had 23 hits and they had 10. They also scored 6 of their 7 runs on two different hits (double and a triple) both when bases were loaded. 

Both were after 2 out walks. Clean that up! 

UK was 14-3 coming and had beaten some good teams. We were excellent last night at the dish. 

Matthew Ellis 3-4 2HR 4RBI 

Hunter Jesse 3-4 2HR 2RBI 

Doanes 4-5

Glasser 3-7 3 2Bs 2RBIs

Pyne 3-5 2 2Bs 3RBIs

Mathison 2-6 HR 2B 2RBIs 


On the mound, Hayden started and struggled in the first. Kraft came in and threw 3.1 innings of REALLY good scoreless baseball, they caught onto him late, just dont let the box score fool you, Kraft was AWESOME. 

Anyways, FR Grant Holderfield threw the last 3.2 innings 8Ks 1H 0BBs 0R

That's now 14IP for the FR and 20Ks to go along with 1 ER and 5H on the season for Holderfield. 

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