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5/13-15 vs. Minnesota (H)


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Last home series of the season. Saturday's game is on regular BTN. Friday's game will be no issue weather wise. Will go off without a hitch. Saturday looks iffy, Sunday will probably be fine. 

Perkins and Brehmer continue to be the key. 

Offense has to keep slugging. Serruto has hit a lot better, and is significantly better behind the plate then Ellis. Still not sure what's up with Glasser-- kid was hitting .340/.450-- we need him back. 


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19 minutes ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

What a great comeback!

Yep. Sharp threw 40p to get through the inning but he did it. 

Brehmer will start tomorrow. Everyone is available imo. Maybe no Hayden. 

But... Tucker, Holderfield, Bothwell.. allll available. Minnesota used a ton of arms, but admittedly idk anything of what they used. Bottom line, willing to bet if Brehmer simply gives you 5IP of solid ball we should be fine. 

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DHer tomorrow now. 

B2 1 out in the first game. 

I know, not much about baseball, but Brehmer threw 27p today, idk why he can't throw 25-30p tomorrow? Again.. idk anything about it, but surely that's an option. 

w/o him-- 16 innings for tomorrow. Tucker and Bothwell could throw 55-85p-- hopefully can eat 8-9 of those innings. We'll see.. I would also assume Minnesotas arms might be taxed. 

Sharp could throw another 40-55p tomorrow, as well. Holderfield is around that limit, as well. 

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B3 3-1 Minnesota 

2 run HR

Brehmer 2.2IP 3H 3K 1BB 3ER 44TP

So for the weekend he was 4.2IP 5K 4H 3ER 71p 2BB--- nothing wrong with that. We will need that out of him on Friday in Iowa. 

Tucker on the bump. He can throw 60-80p easy. Still have Holderfield for 40p and Sharp for 40p. Pitching is there, offense will need to get back going. 

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