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5/19-5/21 @ Iowa


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Biggest series of the year. Win 2 and you are absolutely in. Win 1 and you are probably in, very good chance. 

Interested to see where we go with the staff. Bothwell makes things interesting, but do you not want to use him in long relief if he starts games 2 or 3? 

Iowa's pitching is very, very good. 

Series starts tomorrow. They always do that on the last series of the year. 

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Well... things are going well. 


Whalen walks, Jesse HR. 

Mathison 2B, Glasser HR. 


Seruto single. Jesse single. Mathison HR. 

Pyne single. Glasser single. Ellis 2 RBI 2B. 

9-2 B2 

Tucker looked awful the last half inning. 

Also... we are doing all of this damage against, by far, the best pitcher in the B1G and some are saying 1st rd draft pick. He's thrown 52p in 2 innings. 

Now... T3

Whalen single, Jesse single, Mathison walk, Pyne Grand Slam. 

Tucker has pitched two scoreless now. 

T4 13-2

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We pitched the bottom of our bull pen. Blown opportunity. 

I hope everyone realizes this game is alllll pitching. We hammered a 1st/2nd rd pick... it was still impressive. We also had 4 errors. But.. lostssss of fielding opportunities. Too many. 

Still wonder why Tucker didn't get the 4th. 

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5 hours ago, TheWatShot said:

Is Purdue trying to cheat their way in? They won't take the tarp off their field even though there's no rain within 3 counties of West Lafayette. If my math is correct they'd finish 8th if they don't play today. 

I saw this. I don't think they even started the game. They waited just long enough until Maryland had to leave to catch a flight.

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