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Weird Anxiety Dreams, or Just Weird

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14 hours ago, Leathernecks said:

I still have the walk around school naked one from time to time.  The only issue is that I teach at the school!  Makes for a rough nightmare.

Anytime I have anything important that I need to be up early for, I always dream I slept through my alarm and wake up early.  So annoying.

Lol. And oh yeah, I have that alarm dream too! 

It's funny how common the walk around naked dream is.

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On 1/30/2018 at 1:15 PM, Hoosierhoopster said:

How many of you have had the 

-- walking around school or campus, and you realize you're naked dream. Or

-- the oh no, it's final exams and I just realized I forgot to drop that class dream?

Funny thing, it's been like decades since I was in school, and I still have both of these wacky dreams.

What are your weird dreams?

I, unfortunately, did not care enough about school for the second dream to be upsetting. I'd have likely expected such idiocy out of myself. 

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It's funny, and interesting in a weird way, that people have the same dreams and often anxiety based. How many decades removed from IU do I have to be not to have that oh-no-it's-exam-day-and-I-forgot-to-drop-the-class dream? 

The walking around naked thing is wacky. I don't have any other thoughts, ever, about being naked. So I dream I'm walking campus and suddenly realize I forgot my pants, what??!! Wack.

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My weirdest dream recently was of 2 of my coworkers paying for a um, a lady of the night.  Oddly enough, I sent her away, weird dream.

The other odd dream was right around when my wife and I were married nearly 22 years ago.  Sleeping in a chair, I dreamt we had received a large bovine yard ornament as a wedding present.  We left it outside, realizing this, I said quite clearly enough for my wife and in-laws to hear "The dew is collecting on the plastic cow". I still hear about that dream.  Even received cow socks on our 1st wedding anniversary.

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