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MVP voting for each game


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(Posting this here as well as in the game thread area so all can see it.)

Game by Game MVP voting.

JaybobHoosier, Reacher and I will be conducting the polling and tracking for each game's MVP this season. And at the end of the season we'll post the top 3 vote getters for the entire season. JaybobHoosier and/or Reacher will post the poll, and I'll be tracking the results game by game, and season in total.

We're adding a little twist to the voting. We've decided to "weight" each game based on: Home, Away, & Ranked (top 25). Our reasoning is that the MVP for the KU game should be worth more than the MVP home game with Bethune. 

So...MVP for home game is worth 1 point. Away games worth 2 points, and Ranked worth 3 points (home or away). I'll do the math, you just have to vote.

You should be able to see each game's results after you place your vote. But, if it's not available, I'll also post the results after voting closes for each game. And periodically, I'll post a season to date result.

I'm going to track the top 3 vote getters for each game, because one player may get MVP for 10 games. But the #2 vote getter may get #2 MVP for 20 games, so for the season, he would "out score" the MVP for 10 games. If we only tracked one, the "actual" MVP for the season could lose out. I'll post the results and you can determine whether or not you agree.

Anyway, that's the system for this season. Let's all have some fun with it !

First poll should be up later today.

Go Hoosiers!

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