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2023 Season Preview


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First, please understand... there are quite a few unknowns here... there will be a lot of guessing on my part below----

Recap-- struggled early on in the season and it was UGLY at times. Before the season ending series @Iowa, IU had won 4 straight B1G series... then were swept (and waxed) at Iowa. The young Hoosiers re-grouped, though, and had a strong showing in the B1GT reaching the Semis---

Lost 5-6 to #1 Seed Marlyand

Beat ILL, then eliminated Maryland.... and then later fell to Rutgers in the game that started at like 230AM. 

Players we lost- 2B- Doanes- .253 4HR 33RBIs solid INF, Brehmer, Sharp, and Perkins 3 of our top guys that were pitching well at the end of the year. That's honestly it. We bring everything back and added a large number of pitchers in the portal. 


At the plate--- (conference games)


Whalen- .302/.370/.400-- plays an above average CF and had 22 SBs during the whole season. In my opinion, I think with the other talent we should have.... he's a guy that could move from the lead off spot to the 9 hole. Don't think it's a mistake to keep him in the leadoff role because if his power #s and OBP can improve just a LITTLE he'll be very effective in that spot. But, myself, I like the idea of rolling over the lineup with a guy with some talent and speed in the 9 hole... if you can get by with it. 

Bobby is a plus defender and I would be shocked to not see him in CF this spring. 


Mathison- .337/.440/.717 --10HR 28RBIs- played LF and some CF. 6'1 215lbs. Had a big time year as a FR last season. Played well in the non-conf, but in conference is really where he made his mark. He's going to play some of probably all three outfields spots and will DH some, too, I'd imagine. FR All American by many publications last year...for the season Carter had 19HR 58RBIs and set the IU record for most HRs by a FR. 



Jesse- .407/.459/.565-- yes you read that right. Jesse his .407 in conference play last year. Batting out of the 2 hole and in the RF. Plays an average RF, as well.. to maybe a little above average. He's definitely going to "get a look" this year... and he has performed when given opportunities during his career. Idk that he is as talented as some of the others we have, but you cannot argue with .407. 


Colopy- solid FR year- .274/5HR 21RBIs... struggled last season and was hurt. Has as much power as Mathison, but swings and misses a lot. He is a very good in the outfield, as well. Good athlete. 


Vecrumba- Big time recruit out of HS... has struggled in college. 6'4 220lbs and can really run. Hits from the left side. Played very little last year at IU. Summer League this year in FL-- http://pointstreak.com/baseball/player.html?playerid=1590662&seasonid=33363    he posted really good stats.  Lefty. 

Devin Taylor- FR from Cinci. Top 100 recruit- hits from the left side. OF/1B (maybe he can play 2B?).. not sure. But he is going to be on the field. Many publications have him the highest rated recruit in the B1G and the B1G FR of the year. 

Tucker Schank, Sam Murrison are bench pieces. 


Pyne- .378/.436/.633 3HR 28RBIs FR All American by many publications. For the season Pyne hit .327 6HR 57RBIs. Big time season last year as a FR. Not much else to say here, he is a stud and will start at 3B and bat anywhere in the top 5. Shown to have the clutch gene...



Glasser- 5th year SR-- For the season-- 47 GP-- .346/.442/.480 3HR 25RBIs -- plays an average SS, not elite, but he's mostly fine. Good guy to have.. I hope he can lead off and our lineup goes from there. If not, no issue with him hitting in the 2 hole. Lefty, as well. Good player. 

Tibbitts- another FR that had really good #s. Cooled off in conference play-- .242/.342/.358 in the conference 2HR 15RBIs. For the season-- .266/.382/.460 9HR 43RBIs. Played 1B and had never played there before. Did pretty well there, couple of miscues. There are rumors he is going to be catching, or at least some.... so we will see on that. If that is true.. I would think Devin Taylor has won the job at 1B. We will see. Could play RF, 1B, C, or DH. Tibbitts has big boy power...



Goforth- another FR that played solid when called upon. Played in 26 games and had 10 starts (mostly when Glasser was hurt), 46 ABs .283/.404/.393-- 9RBIs. Played some SS, and some 2B. He could get the starting nod at 2B. If he does, I would assume he'd bat in the 9 hole offensively. Either way, very solid guy to have. 

Ellis- JUCO catcher that started hotter than hot last season--- season stats-- .271/.398/.564 18HR 65RBIs, but in conference play-- .193/ 5HR 18RBIs and isn't spectacular defensively. Lefty. Absolute raw power, though. He's going to catch some, he's going to DH some.... whether he's every day or not... that is up to him. ..... .193 in conference play is a no go. 


Serruto is back. He played better late, does a solid job behind the plate. Austin Bode (Columbus North grad) and catcher transferred to IU, as well. Highly ranked player. I am not sure if he's eligible or not because I thought he transferred late. He could factor into the equation. Jorge De Goti (SS) transferred here from UF, he was a highly ranked and has a brother that plays in the majors. Tyler Cerny is a FR INF to keep your eye own, as well, Center Grove product. FR C AJ Shepard was a highly rated recruit as well... he was one I thought might get drafted. 

I can't think of any more INF/C that could factor into playing time. But, that can always change, as well!



Bothwell- 21IP 1.29ERA 1.05WHIP 12H 25K 10BB .166BAA 

.... after him, we bring no one back that pitched well at all in the conference... Hayden, Kraft, and Holderfield were all TR FR that saw a good amount of time. And, Tim Corbin (Vandy Coach)... mentioned last season was by far the toughest he's seen it on a FR pitcher. He mentioned how many guys were taking their Covid year and the change in the draft (20 less rounds) made the lineups on these college teams with 22-23 year old hitters going against 18-19 year old pitchers---- heavy advantage hitter. 

The main reason I bring that up is because once Ryan Kraft was able to go to the Appalachian League in the Summer. He dominated hitters (played against more guys his own age)...he threw 26IP 1.73ERA 1.03WHIP 29K 4-0. 

Hoping Kraft, Hayden, and Holderfield take a major step. Holderfield was REALLY good the first half of the season and fell apart. 

We brought in A LOT of arms in the portal. 

Gabe Levy- big career and summer #s out of the pen. 

Ben Seiler- good #s in the Friday night role at Siena last year. Big dude 6'6 245. Like Perkins at IU, he was hung out to dry every Fri night. He had to throw at least 90 pitches to get them through the weekend, even when he didn't have his stuff. He had a 3.66ERA and they let him get shelled in the last start of the year and in one start the ERA ballooned to 4.35. 

JUCO kid from Washington. Sorry guys.. flat out cannot remember his name. He dominated JUCO. 

Adrian Vega from Butler- he spent one year at BU. 43 innings 4.95ERA.. so I am sure he is a guy they like with one good season under his belt. He threw very well in his summer league. 1.59ERA in 17 innings out of the pen. 

Cooper Hellman and Luke Sinnard two WKU FR transfers. Sinnard is 6'8 230 and I think has been up to 98 on the gun. Both got a lot of experience last season though. More than they would have gotten if they were on our roster. 

Braydon Risedorph is a FR from FW and very highly ranked. Supposedly he's been very good in the preseason. I think he might be a guy that could enter the rotation. 

Conner Foley is a FR on the mound that they like. Big dude. He's been up to 96 on the gun. 

Ayden Decker-Petty was highly ranked out of HS, as well. Has some weight to put on. 


CF Whalen

SS Glasser

RF Jessee

3B Pyne

LF Mathison

DH Ellis

C Tibbitts

1B Taylor

2B Goforth

That is my guess at the lineup Game 1. Bode, Colopy, Vecrumba, De Goti, and Shepard could be guys in that lineup, as well, and that is not me being bias. That is how loaded our position group players are. I am actually shocked none of them have transferred yet. 

The lineup I have listed has 5 lefties in it, as well. Vecrumba is a lefty, as well... same with Bode. 

If the pitching is average...we should be very good. 


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3 minutes ago, btownqb said:

Thanks man! Obviously took a fair amount of work, but really enjoy college baseball... hoping we can just continue to be a factor. 

I hope so as well. Would like to see us regain some of that momentum from a decade ago.

How is the prep scene in Indiana now? Out here in SoCal, baseball is KING. There are so many youth clubs and elite travel teams its crazy. Lots of talent and development -- obviously it helps to have "better" weather where our winters are only low 40s so there's more time to train/play outdoors.

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1 minute ago, MoyeCowbell said:

I hope so as well. Would like to see us regain some of that momentum from a decade ago.

How is the prep scene in Indiana now? Out here in SoCal, baseball is KING. There are so many youth clubs and elite travel teams its crazy. Lots of talent and development -- obviously it helps to have "better" weather where our winters are only low 40s so there's more time to train/play outdoors.

Indiana is a mecca for youth sports, at least Indy is. 

Indiana Bulls are one of the premier travel organizations around (Rolen and Mercer have deep ties to that organization). Canes Midwest is #2 or #1 in some divisions, and we are getting a plethora of dudes from there. 

Biggest issue Mercer and IU has? Recruiting against Louisville, Vandy, and now Alabama a lot of Indiana kids. (Mercer has been VERYYYYYY good in OH, too) but, so has UL and Vandy. 

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