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2/21 vs. Miami (OH)


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It does look like we are going to get to play tomorrow... High of 51 and sunny in Bloomington in Feb... we need to play. 

Game is scheduled for 4pm, which I would love if they could get started about 3 or 330, but the original start time of 4pm will probably stick. Be pretty chilly by the end. But, sunny for probably 4-5 innings. 

Miami took it on the chin this weekend against GT. Giving up 36 runs in 3 games, but they did score 24. 

I could see Braydon Risedorph getting the start, highly touted FR.... Grant Holderfield is another guy that will probably see time tomorrow. Conner Foley, same thing.. and I would think Luke Hayden might throw too. Throw strikes and let the offense go win the game. 

This game is on BTN+

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Got busy on Tues... 


One of the best pitched openers (mid week) that we have had in awhile. 

1st- JR Seti Manase- started, wasn't great. Induced a ground ball DP

2nd- FR Evan Whiteake- 2Ks

3rd- FR Conner Foley (throwing 95-97)- 1 solo HR 1K 1BB

4th- SR Nathan Ball- 2H 2BB, doesn't record an out

4th- FR Cooper Katskee 3H 2K, but gets out of the inning

5th- FR Braydon Risedorph- 2K 1BB

6th/7th- SR Craig Yoho- 5K

8th- SO Luke Hayden- 2H 1K 1ER

9th- SO Cooper Hellman- 1K


Total-11H 14K 5BB 



Jessee- 3-4 2HR 4RBI

Glasser- 2-5 2RBI

Tibbitts- 1-5 3RBI

Whalen- 2-4 

Colopy- 1-2 RBI

Pyne- 3-4 


We did what we should have on Tues. Only really struggled one inning on the mound. 

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