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3/15-17 (H) vs. Morehead St


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This was a great game! 

6-5 Hoosiers win in B10

FR Evan Whiteaker started the game, after throwing 32p on Sunday... he threw 3IP 3H 2ER 3K 0BB... he gave up a wind aided 2 run HR to left. 

Bothwell replaced him and struggled... 1.1IP 1H 1ER 2HBP

FR Ethan Phillips replaced him.. 2.2IP 1H 2K 29p ... he was efficient. Sort of makes me think they might bring him back tomorrow for an inning. 

Yoho- 2IP 3H 2ER 4K.... again, gave up a wind aided HR.... He pitched well though. He has 20K in 10 innings this year. 

Kraft worked the the top of the 10th.... and still was very efficient. 6 pitches, 3 outs. 


Below are some highlights... FR Devin Taylor had 2HR and a single with 3 runs scored. He also hit a HR in the B9 to tie it. 

Our bats were significantly better yesterday. We also didn't walk anyone. 







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Good things happened yesterday.... 

First of all.. in his 2nd start, Braydon Risedorph had his FB up to 96mph. 4IP 4H 4K 3BB 73P.... he struggled in the 3rd. I think it was a lot of lack of focus. He breezed through the first two innings. Anyways, I think he is in our weekend rotation moving forward, and that's huge. The Sunday spot is wide open. 

Seiler 4IP 1BB 7K (our usual Friday night guy).... 52p. I think he will move to Saturday starting next weekend with Sinnard going to the Friday night role. 

Foley 2IP 1ER 2H 1BB 3K 


At the plate--- 2nd day in a row we've made a lot of good contact and it showed... 

Ellis- 4-6 HR 5RBI 

Pyne- 3-4 HR 4RBI

Taylor- 3-5 HR 2RBI 

Cerny- 2-4 4RBI 

We had an inning where we hit 5HR. Camera angle was just the press box view, so I am not going to post any clips today. I'm sure Sinnard will start today. Manase, I assume will be available for 25-30p.. since he started Sunday. Kraft can throw 30p. We haven't seen Luke Hayden for a while and SO Grant Holderfield is hurt. Levy, Vega, Decker-Petty, and Brooks Ey all still available. 



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