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3/24-26 vs. OSU (H)


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B1G regular season gets underway today. Supposedly it's very light rain until 8pm this evening, so we are starting at 4. We will see. 

OSU is rolling out a guy with a 1.08ERA in 25 innings, so... as we have all year, have to face a big time arm on Friday. But, no excuses... guys at the plate need to run him in the 5th inning and get into OSU's bullpen. I do think, especially outside of their Friday night guy... we have a pitching advantage. 

Big series off the rip... no reason not to take 2/3 at home. 

Supposedly we are starting Whiteaker today, who has been very good... 1.30ERA in 13 innings, but he is still a true FR. I know he's been up to 92mph regularly. Sinnard tomorrow.... so, Bothwell, Risedorph, Seiler, and Manase can all throw 60p+ and aren't starting.... we obviously have to throw Sunday, as well... but, we have PLENTY of arms. 

Yoho can give you 2-3 innings as well this weekend. Kraft can throw 4-5 innings. HIT THE BALL!!!!! 

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Game 1-

Whiteaker struggled. Massive wind is was pitching in at this point in the day on Saturday... but he struggled to say the least. 4 straight walks to start the game... 

Gabe Levy walked his first batter after replacing Whiteaker, but was REALLY good after that... 4IP 3H 1ER 2BB 3K. We were down 6-0 in the first inning.

Kraft went 4IP 4H 3BB 3K after Levy.


But, it was the offense that won us game 1.... after being down 6-0 we had the lead by like the 4th inning. Tibbitts, Cerny, and Ellis all go yard. Should also mention... OSUs starter in this game was the #1 pitcher in the B1G ERA wise coming into the game. 4IP 10H 10ER 1BB 4K










Game 2

Sinnard was really good again. 6IP 8H 4ER 8K 1BB.... but.... 1-2 count with 2 away in the 3rd... missed strike call from the home plate umpire. Not pitch, 2 run wind-aided HR... couple other sloppy pitches and OSU put up 3 in the inning. He was very close to having awesome start. Decker-Petty relieved Sinnard and struggled.... Yoho replaced ADP and record the final 7 outs. 




Yoho- 2.1IP 2H 6K 1BB



Offense rolled again... 



Game 3

Manase went 3IP 3H 2K .... 41p and was pulled after the 3rd. I'm sure that was by designed, but I am pretty surprised he didn't get to throw more than that. Risedorph struggled, Seiler came in and pitched well for 4 or 5 outs and then started to really struggle, as well. 



Hayden, who has been hurt for 3 weeks, threw his first innings in a while... and was throwing gas. Up to 95mph .... 3.1IP 1H 1ER 5K ... he gave up a solo shot late. This was the best he'd looked in an IU uniform. 



The offense continued to roll.... 





Just some observations... Cerny is the real deal, same with Taylor. They will both have a chance to be FOY in the B1G. Sinnard continues to impress. Kraft has been incredibly good as well. 

In general... the lineup is REALLY coming along. Contributions from all 10 guys who saw plate appearances this weekend. 

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