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4/1-4/2 @PSU


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We did not have our best weekend, but we still got the result we needed. A sweep wasn't a necessity, but a series win absolutely was. 

Saturday: Offense couldn't solve PSUs pitching. 2 runs just isn't close to enough with how good this order is top to bottom. I think PSUs top 4-5 arms are solid, too. They shut us down and Sinnard had his first poor start of the year... 5IP 6H 4ER 2BB 2K

Riserdorph struggled- 1.2IP 5H 3ER 3K

Vega- 1.1IP 


Sunday Game 1--- Manase had a great start 3.2IP 3H 1ER 4K.... He was up to 61p and they pulled him. Really wish he could throw 80-85 at some point, but I know there are a lot of different things that go into those decisions. Kraft came in and threw a gem.. 5.1IP 1H 2BB 1K 71p

Kraft on the season-- 26IP 1.04ERA and opponents are hitting .189 on him. Manase- 22IP 1.23ERA

At the plate, we still didn't bust out, but a lot of that had to with PSUs relief arm that threw 7 innings. He was really good. We roughed up the starter just enough to win this game 4-1. 




Sunday Game 2--- Hayden pitched really well for 2 innings, gave up a base runner and a bomb and they pulled him. 2IP 3H 2ER 1K 42p

Levy saw 4 batters and gave up 4H... Yoho came in and pitched well and really won us the game... gave the offense a chance to get it going. 3IP 2H 2BB 3K 53p 

Ball had one good inning and then struggled in the 2nd inning he was in. Burton threw 2.1IP 1H 5K 1BB 44p.... Yoho on the season-- 16IP 1.69ERA 31K 7BB '






Offensive numbers for the weekend

Tibbitts- 7-13 5RBI 1BB

Taylor- 4-10 4RBI 4BB

Pyne- 7-14- 3RBI 1BB

Whalen- 4-11 1RBI 2BB

Cerny- 2-11 4RBI

Serruto- 3-11 2RBI 

Mathison- 2-7 2RBI 1BB

Ellis- 0-8 1RBI 

Jessee- 1-11 1RBI 2BB

Glasser- 1-14 2RBI 2BB

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