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4/7-4/9- vs. Iowa (H)


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1 hour ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

So I had just got home and turned on the TV. Saw where the IU game was on and started to watch when, in the 10th inning, I watched the IU batter launch a game winning 2 run HR!!

Now that's the way to watch baseball, LOL.....

Haha love it! I don't think tomorrows game is on BTN, unfortunately.  But.. we are going!! 

They're showing softball tomorrow. 

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Selier- 3.1IP 3H 2ER 1BB 3K 70p

Ey- 2.2IP 3H 1ER 2BB

Foley- 1IP 1H (HR) 2K

Decker-Petty- 1.1IP 1ER 1H 1BB

Katskee- .2IP- 1H 1K

We did absolutely nothing at the plate. They threw Brody Brecht, who will allegedly be a Top 15 pick next year, and we couldn't do anything with him... did have some opportunities late vs. the closer and couldn't pull it out. 



Sinnard- 6IP 3H 12K 94p

Kraft- 4IP 3H 5K 2BB 

There just isn't much more to say than those two stat lines. Those two gave us a great opportunity on Sunday for the series win because we got to save so much of our pitching. Below is also a relay from Taylor to Glasser to Serruto in the T10 that kept Iowa off the board. Colopy hits a 2 run bomb in the B10 to end it. There was a very strong head wind for the batters for much of this series... and it for sure kept on of Taylors hits from being a HR on Saturday. It was 105MPH off the bat.








Manase- 1.2IP 2H 1ER 3BB 

Yoho- 3.1IP 1H 2BB 3K 

Burton- 2IP 1H 1BB 1K

Risedorph- 2H 1K 

Group effort on the mound. Manase didn't have his best stuff, but Yoho was great again and back to back weekends that Wes Burton has shown up big. A LOT of confidence in Risedorph to allow him to close the series. I love it! 

We were quite a bit better at the plate, although it didn't show it. We had the lead off runner on base the first 4 innings, all 4 times... DP. Three of those were on balls hit over 100MPH. Found some offense late, and got it done. 


Recap-- pitching was the story of the weekend for both teams. Indiana allowed 6 earned runs all weekend and Iowa allowed 6 earned runs all weekend. Iowa has the best pitching staff in the conference and I can't imagine them not being Top 10 nationally. Iowa is by NO means weak at the plate, either, and we stuffed them. Very few hard hit balls, and limited free bases. Ellis has been out with a minor injury, so Serruto has gotten all of the playing time and man he is taking advantage. He is always above average defensively, and maybe even PLUS there this year.... but, dating back to last year he is hitting .270 in his last 34 games. Big time production out of our 9 hole who is also a defensive stud. Whalen had a great day yesterday, 3H.. including two in the final two innings (same with Serruto). Colopy earned two starts this weekend, he's a good defender in RF (same with Jessee who he's replacing).... 

Pyne is struggling, I don't think that will continue. He will figure it out. Mathison is not driving the ball overly well, Jessee is cold and Ellis should be back soon. Bothwell on the mound... man. If he can figure it out (again) like last year... that's the left handed arm and he can throw 80-90p that you need. Getting he and Luke Hayden to a point they can give you 2-3 innings on a weekend, consistently, takes this team and pitching staff to a whole other level. Everything else is in place. 

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