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4/11 vs Ball St (H)


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47 minutes ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

Man, what is wrong with our pitching tonight?

Well.. Hayden cannot struggle like that. I'm sure the idea was for him to go 3-4 innings. 

Phillips is a FR, he struggled. Katskee another FR had one good inning, but we had to stretch him out because of the pitchers before him struggling, he botched the 2nd inning he was in. 

FR Foley has been nails for 2 innings and the offense took off.

Foley- 2IP 0H 4K ... he was up to 98 this weekend. 

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@thirdgenhoosier @Proud2BAHoosier

The midweeks are shit show and absurdly unpredictable. The story of the night is winning, though. Not that we had 2-3 pitchers that struggled. 

Ga Tech vs. Auburn last night was 12-8, AZ ST vs. Grand Canyon 13-10, Northwestern gave up 24 last night to UIC after beating ILL 2/3 this weekend. 

Luke Hayden needs to be better, flat out. The others were FR, and it's just simply going to happen sometimes, midweek. Other than last night, UK is the only team that really put up a significant amount of runs on us in the midweek. 

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