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4/18 vs. UL (ESPNU) @ 4/19 Cinci (ESPN+)


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Phillips- 4.2IP 1H 3BB 4K 1R

Yoho- 2.0IP 2H 4K 

Manase- 2.1IP 3H 1ER 

.... expanding on that because I was busy last night. Manase for the 2nd time in 4 games was used as an "opener".. similar to how people use a closer, but the opposite. It's worked pretty well. Manase this season has 10 starts with 12 appearances-- 1.61ERA in 28 innings. I wonder what this will mean for his regular Friday night start?... 

Risedorph maybe in a more expanded role. 

Phillips was incredible. UL couldn't touch him and in general we only gave up 6 singles. 










Last night and Game 2 on Saturday we got performances from 2 dudes that hadn't given us a ton all year long. Hayden, Whiteaker, Bothwell, Seiler, and Levy--- that group needs to step up. 

Those 5.. along with Foley, Katskee, Vega, and maybe Ball or Hellman will make up the bulk of the innings this evening. 



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Risedorph- 4IP 2H 7K 57p-- He sat 91-95 those 4 innings. Slider was lethal. He looked VERY sharp. 

Bothwell saw one batter, walked him, and was pulled.. Mercer wasn't messing around. Burton replaced Bothwell and wasn't good, his first time all year. Vega was the next call to the pen... he pitched WAY better than the numbers showed by the end. 

Vega- 3.2IP- 6H 1BB 7K 4ER ----- before that half inning he was 3.1IP- 3H 6K and we decided to stretch him. It was what it is, but not all pitching performances are created equal. 

The story of the night is Risedorph... his stuff looked legit. 


At the plate-- we were solid, again. 

Cerny, Taylor both homered. 






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