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4/28-4/30 vs. Maryland (H)


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Biggest series of the season... won't be the prettiest weekend weather wise, but I'm sure the boys will welcome the temps of 60+

Fri- 6pm 

Sat- 1pm 

Sun- 12pm 

Overall... Maryland is elite at the plate, as seen by the #s below. Those are some high HR totals and they have basically doubled us up in total HRs on the season. 


Pitching wise they're a different story. As a team their ERA is 6.19. I went through and threw out 5 of their pitchers that basically haven't pitched at all, but were shelled when they were.... their ERA still sits at 5.78 after 350 innings+. In conference games their ERA is 6.45 with Dean and Lippman being the only pitchers below a 4.00ERA. (For reference, our team ERA in conference games is 4.46)




Some notes/opinions on IU----

I think we are finally able to see who we like on the weekends.. 

Friday- Ey starts and gives you what he gives you... 3-4 innings is huge, past that is gravy. Then we will probably turn to Kraft (knock on wood).. has been stupid good all year long and in 19 innings in the conference hasn't surrendered a run. Kraft can give you starter innings-- 5-7 innings/80-95 pitches...... 

If you get an extended outing from Ey (5+), along with some offense.... you might be able to go Yoho only, or Yoho/Foley to get the W. 

Saturday- Sinnard starts, he's your bulldog. He's throwing 80pitches at least--- he goes no less than 5 in basically every start... if you can get by not using Kraft on Friday, and need him Saturday, you use him there... if not, Yoho can be used if not on Friday, Phillips/Risedorph can be long relief. 

Sunday- Manase can give you 2-3 innings, Phillips/Risedorph long relief.... Yoho/Kraft if they haven't been used. Foley the same. 

Burton, Seiler, and Levy mixed in. Seiler has shown he can throw 2 innings at a time well. Kraft, Ey, Risedorph, Phillips, Sinnard, Yoho, Foley, Manase--- I love those 8, but we still need 2 more guys to step up. 

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Not posting a 3 game update. Outside of Taylor at the plate it was abysmal. 

We have overachieved (before this weekend) to have as good of a record as we do. Reevaluate some thing, and go right back at it... we can still host, it's just tougher now, and the conference regular season title is ... shew, not looking good now. 

Sinnard, Risedorph, Kraft, Phillips, Foley, Holderfield (hurt), Whiteaker ... and I had hoped Luke Hayden.... are all FR+SO throwing big innings for us. Plus you will have Seti and Brooks Ey next season as SRs. We are still a season behind on the bump to consistently win series like this (but we did beat Iowa). 

Hopefully-- Katskee, ADP are a part of that next season more. 

When Seiler+Bothwell+Levy didn't step up this year.... we just turned to our youth, and for the most part, they've been fantastic..... this weekend they weren't. 

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