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5/5-5/7 vs. NW (A)


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Fri- 4pm BTN+

Sat- 2pm BTN+

Sun- 2pm BTN+

Weather-- 70/65/65 no rain and sunny. Baseball weather! 


Northwestern is not good. We need a sweep. 

Some interesting tidbits-- NW has 14 guys that have started 8 games or more, 13 guys who have started 16 or more. Idk what that means, but most teams don't look like that. Hrustich is the only one with decent #s. 



The pitching has been worse than the hitting. 

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Seti with the nod. He'll have a short leash.. 

Kraft, Risedorph, Phillips, Foley, Ey in some sort of order after him. 

Burton/Vega could be guys as well in situations..

Manase giving you 3+ innings today would be the ideal situation. But, if we're simply talking in terms of "winning the game"... offense needs to do that the next two days.. pitching and defense just be solid. 


Sidenote-- Mathison has 4HR in his last 7 games... hitting .301 currently. 

I can't imagine the HR he hit yesterday was under 420ft. 

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We were down 2-0 T8 with no one on and 1 out. 

We've thrown 21 innings this weekend-- 1ER 

Ey, Phillips, Burton I assume will be the main horses tomorrow. Selier, Vega could throw... Risedorph could throw an inning. He only threw 12p today. 

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Friday- Sinnard/Yoho- combine for a 9 inning shut out. 9H 5BB but very few well hit balls. Those two looked solid. 

Sinnard- 6.2IP 6H 3BB 7K 0R 111p 

Yoho- 2.1IP 3H 2BB 2K 0R 43p





Mathison had all 4 RBIs on Friday. 


Saturday--- Manase started.. still too many walks, he had 2BB in 1.2IP. 

Kraft though---  7.1IP 4H 1BB 7K 0ER---- (51IP 1.94ERA overall) (29.2 1.52ERA conference #s)

Foley- 2IP 1H 2BB 2K 0ER

Risedorph- 1IP 1K 0ER










5-2 Winners in 12 


Sunday turned into an offensive day---

Ey- 1IP 4H 3R 2ER

Phillips- 3IP 4H 3ER 1BB 2K 

Seiler- 3IP 3H 2R 1ER 2K 

Risedorph- 2IP 1ER 1BB 2K 


but.. outside of Ey, the pitching was fine. Seiler seems to be pitching better, huge boost. Him giving us 3-4 innings a weekend is huge. 








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