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5/16 vs. Evansville (H) BTN 6pm


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Tomorrows game is on regular BTN. Evansville is a more than solid squad. Something like 30-20 with a Top 90 RPI. 

Manase and Phillips didn't throw this weekend. I assume they will garner most of the innings tomorrow night. Vega/Burton, too, but they'll be given short leashes. Foley could throw an inning, I don't think they'd use him much more than that... outside of that, Levy, Ey, Hayden would need one of those two step up. 

Ideally-- Manase is solid 2-3 innings, Phillips is a solid 3-4 innings....Vega/Burton and the offense do the rest. 

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I was impressed last night... coming off a huge series sweep of our rivals, we found a way to bring the energy again, and the dudes on the mound delivered. Winning last night without pitching any of our top guys out of the pen is a big deal. In tournament settings, you regularly need unheralded arms to step up to give you a chance. 

Bottom line-- 2 good outings from Bothwell, 1 good outing from Hayden, and multiple recent good outings from Seiler is what matters. Not their #s as a whole.. get Manase back to throwing well and we might have something! 

Phillips- 4IP 4H 3BB 1K 1ER (solo HR) 62p ... could probably throw an inning on Saturday, if needed. 

Hayden- 4IP 3H 1ER 2BB 5K 74p ... highly doubt he throws this weekend. 

Burton- 1IP 1BB 2K 25p

Both runs were on Roberts HR (he has hit 19 of them this season)











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