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B1G Tournament 2023 (5/23-5/28)


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Iowa 1

Michigan 1

Morris and O'Halloran on the mound. Michigan takes a big drop off in pitching after O'Halloran (Pitcher of the Year), Iowa doesn't really, but Morris has been their best dude recently. I guess Brecht would be ready to go Thurs against us... He threw 80 pitches on Saturday. I don't think it's out of the question for them to throw Langenberg either, though. 


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assumed this was coming... he stuffed us the first time. He threw 80 pitches on Saturday. IMO-- we aren't going to see him throw over 100 pitches, probably not over 85, but can we create enough offense during that time? Iowa did throw their best reliever yesterday, as well. He threw 43 pitches, doubt he'd throw tomorrow... but they have other arms, no doubt. 

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1 minute ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

Any ideas on why Seiler was pulled after just two innings?  Is this a maybe we can use him again later in the tournament kind of thing?

He was used as an "opener" yesterday, and yes, so he can pitch later in the weekend. We will play either Saturday or Friday, no matter what happens tomorrow afternoon... he will be able to throw about that many pitches again, then. The other thing is... he went once through the order. Any team/batter is better hitting against a pitcher a 2nd time through the order. Also, not making the FR (Phillips) start a B1GT game was ideal, as well. 

Think of an opener JUST like people use a closer. 

College baseball is a lot different than the Pros in that regard. 

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