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Archie and Bruiser at the south bend riley game


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They were both there tonight. Probably not to check up on Damezi Anderson, but I’m guessing that the interest is picking up for Armaan Franklin. i really like the Franklin kid who’s a junior for cathedral. He definitely has some major upside to his game. Definitely needs to work on the catch and shoot quicker aspect of his game, but he has the all around athletic ability to list him as a higher ceiling type of kid. 

D.Anderson spent the first quarter hanging around the outside and just couldn’t get a shot to fall. Only had two at the half on a layup. He was a force on defense though by swatting three of Franklins shots. Anderson heated up in the second half and Cathedral didn’t have an answer for him. he gets his shot off so quick that it’s hard to defend him. The South Bend Riley team is a loaded team, it’s hard to imagine another team in the state that uses as many players consistently in a game. They send 10-11 players at you with very little drop off in production. I’m also hearing that Anderson has only averaged 22 min a game this year because they’ve been blowing people out. He did play 26-27 min tonight though. Franklin didn’t come out at all, and the Coleman kid from Cathederal came out for 1 min tonight. 

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