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On 6/22/2023 at 4:25 PM, btownqb said:

Sinnard, Kraft, Foley, Risedorph, Keyster is a formidable Top 5. 

We lost 9 arms via graduation or transferring out-- Yoho, Vega, Hellman, Seiler, Levy, Bothwell, Hayden, Ball, and Burton... 

Those 9 threw 192 innings last season at a 7.35ERA... the rest of the staff (11 other guys)-- 364 innings-- 4.15ERA, and that is including all 6 FR pitchers. 

Whiteaker, I think he could be a Sunday starter next year.. was 90-94mph in the B1GT, and I was a little disappointed we didn't see him in the NCAAs, I sort of understood it though. 

Ethan Phillips is for sure going to be in the mix... 

Grant Holderfield-- out with an injury this season, but as a TR FR-- 41.1IP 52Ks. And LHP... 

Manase could be a Sun starter. Brooks Ey, Cooper Katskee, ADP... 

Plus.. I think 6'7 245lbs Jacob Vogel will make the roster. He RS last season to work on his body, mechanics. He's throwing 94mph currently.  That puts IU at 14 pitchers...plus at least three more additions via grad transfers... and then multiple ranked incoming FR. 

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Really solid portal pickup here... 

.260/.379/.365 in 105 career games 500 ABs.. 

He stole 24 bags this year would be like stealing 60+ in the MLB.. 

This move might get Cerny to SS, or maybe this kid can play SS. At minimum it creates infield depth after Goforth moved on.. 

But again.. we have two Top 200 infielders coming in. 

Burckels fielding % was .966 this season, Cerny was .962 and he's an excellent defender. I like the addition here. 

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If Burckels starts.. plus defender, plus speed.. .380 OBP and he would hit 9th... 

Mitchell will hit 1st I'd assume.. then all the power--- Pyne, Tibbits, Taylor, Mathison, Cerny, Wiggins in the thick of the lineup.. 

Find a catcher that can be average defensively, hit .250 (sound familar, Peter Serruto)... 


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We've picked up two more relief pitchers.. one from Gonzaga, one from Boston College. I think thats 6 or 7 relief guys that are grad transfers/seniors that are headed to Bloomington. I can't imagine them all making the roster, but it should make for great competition in the fall.  Along with Vogel, Keyster (JUCO), and the FR.. 

We should be able to find the necessary pieces to compliment-- Sinnard, Risedorph, Bothwell, Foley, Kraft.. 

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