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Indiana Basketball Weekly W/Steve Risley: Is the NIL good or bad for College Sports

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Without listening, gee...I wonder what Steve Risley thinks...🤣

I'd bet a lot that his take will be that both are bad for college basketball...and he'd have a point, just not one that I agree with.  My personal take is that NIL, while ridiculous at times, has definitely taken away the unfair illegal advantage that a few programs had in the past.  On the whole, as a purist, I don't like it either, Steve, but I can see where it's helped programs that have been at least mostly clean in the past.

The transfer portal maybe needs tightened up a bit, but it's OK.  I have a feeling that Antonio Reeves found out the hard way that it's not as free as he thought it was.  I suspect you'll see the portal numbers come down some in the future as kids who made an early leap realize it's a lot harder to make a second one.  That might make some kids think long and hard about their initial choices and just as hard about making a leap to another program.

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Why are these deserving of their own thread? Seems better suited to a post in the NIL thread - one that will go largely ignored, I might add. The one time I listened to his show, I gave him 10 minutes and he had less actual basketball content than most one paragraph posts on here.

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