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Sync Fisch to streaming feed (SIAP)


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(I may be really late to the party, but) I just discovered that WQRK now allows you to download a .m3u file to your PC (don't know about IOS) that takes their radio feed and funnels it thru your windows media player. This allows you to pause the media player in order to sync it up with your streaming feed. (I don't think this feature was available last year, but I could be wrong)

For those of us who aren't on the cutting edge of technology, here's how you do it.

  • Use this link: www.superoldies.net/listenlive/streaming.m3u (might need to copy/paste to browser)
  • This will download the streaming file to your pc, where ever your downloads go
  • Double click on file to install it
  • It will open your media player and start playing. You can then pause it to sync to the game.
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