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Chuck Martin claims no contact with ASM sports.

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Sounds like he took a phone call that amounted to nothing. No surprise knowing how CTC operated.  From the day this all broke, I have never sweated IU's involvement.  Sure, it's not over yet and there's always a chance something happened that shouldn't have, but I look at the fact that (1) IU backed off more than one questionable recruit and (2) IU wasn't getting the lottery players.  IU got Bryant because Syracuse blew up at the wrong time and IU got Vonleh quite possibly because Crean was the first one to pitch reclassifying a year earlier, which got Vonleh to the NBA a year earlier and Vonleh knew IU had a big hole when Zeller left.  As much as anything, I think that was fortuitous timing and the right pitch.

In the end, my best guess is, this will be much ado about nothing as far as IU is concerned.

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