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MVP voting thru Dec '23


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I'm sure to no one's surprise Ware has earned the MVP for games thru out November. Except for the UConn game where Malik shined so brightly, Ware has secured MVP for all other Nov games.

Again this year, we're "weighting" the votes. MVP for each game gets 3 points, 2nd place get's 2, and third place get's 1 based on the poll voting that is done at the conclusion of each game. (except protest votes of only 1 vote for a player who didn't play) MVP vote getters for top 25 ranked opponents get double points (6,4,2). So Malik got 6 points for the UConn game, while Ware gets 3 points each, for MVP for unranked teams.

So total score for Nov is: Ware has 12 points, Reneau has 10 pts, and 2 players with 3 pts a piece.

For you "hard core guys" that don't like the weighting, Ware still wins, Malik 2nd, and nobody a close 3rd.

No surprise on the results, since we haven't really seen anybody step it up consistently, which is sad IMO. Hopefully that will change with time, as there was some promise shown in the Harvard game by Mgbako. X going down didn't help either.

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  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting thru Dec '23

Voting results for MVP thru the non-conference schedule is as follows: (excludes MD & MI games. They'll be added into the B1G voting)

  • The ranked vs un-ranked opponents weighted totals are:  Malik, Ware, Gallo
  • Non weighted voting, 1 winner only/game:  Ware (4), Malik (3), Walker (2)
  • Total votes received: Ware (137), Malik (93), Walker (59)

To me, Walker is the surprise here based on the "anticipated" production he would have on the team at the beginning of the year. Many (incl me) thought he would be a minimal minute sub if things got bad with fouls, injuries, etc. He's certainly been a pleasant surprise, and one of my favorites.

I'm also surprised that Gallo isn't getting a little more "love" on the voting. His defense and assists are one of the best on the team. His offense is spotty, but he's not option 1 or 2 in the offensive scheme. He's had 12 assists in the last 2 games combined. Far better than anyone else. That's 24+ points created by him (without his own personal points)

I'll do another update at the end of Jan for B1G games, and that will include MD & MI.

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