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Indiana High School Football (2024)

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Should be a pretty fun season in 2024, here are the 2023 state champions:

6A: Ben Davis 

5A: FW Snider

4A: East Central (moving up to 5A)

3A: Chatard (Moving up to 4A)

2A: FW Luers (Moving up to 3A)

1A: Lutheran (Moving up to 2A)*

Technically speaking, 1A to 4A will all have a new champion that is not repeating in that class

*1A Runner-up Adams Central is also moving up to 2A

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Not Indiana HS but the HS team from the town I lived in just played for the state championship in Georgia. This the day after one of their teammates was found dead?!


Their grief compounded by a 1 point loss after overcoming a 14 point deficit!

Edit: now considered to have been foul play!

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6 hours ago, Zlinedavid said:

Carmel and Ben Davis have higher populations than the town I grew up in. 😲


6 hours ago, Hoosierfan1901 said:

Really, what town did you grow up in?


5 hours ago, IU Scott said:

The town I grew up(Carthage) had under a 1,000 people 

I haven't grown up yet.  

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