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2/16-2/18 @Baseball at the Beach (ESPN+)


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Huge weekend to start. Two VERY good programs in Duke, Coastal Carolina, plus a game against another tourney team-- George Mason. George Mason actually eliminated Maryland and made a regional final last season. They won the A10 tourney. 



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All of these games will be streamed on ESPN+. $10 would get you 6 games. 3 this weekend, 3 next. 

Friday 11AM vs. #12 Duke--- Duke has been an excellent program the last couple of years. They have hosted a regional, etc. They play in a great conference and apparently have some serious arms, including many lefties. Mitchell, Taylor, and Mathison are all lefty bats for us.. and Wiggins is as well, although, I am not sure he'll start Day 1. We

Saturday 3pm vs. #18 Coastal- I know nothing about them, but a try road game. 

Sunday 11AM vs. George Mason-


Weather this weekend-- Friday looks fine, in the 60s. Saturday a little chilly, mid 50s. Sunday morning will be pretty cold for our guys. Stinks because next week every day is Mid 60s and sunny down there. 

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Risedorph goes 4.2IP 82p 2H 1BB 5K 

Big time statement by BR to begin the year. His stuff was sharp and effective.

Kraft took care of the last inning. Its possible Mercer allows him to throw 60+ pitches here. 


B5 1-0 Duke 


We have struggled against Duke's ace. We threatened in 2 different innings but haven't capitalized. Ump has a good zone with an outside shade to it and he has blasted the lower outside corner. 

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2 hours ago, bronkonagurski said:

I say damn I may need to get one of those. $99 on Fanatics store. 

Man they were sharp. The video actually makes them appear a little more "red" than I feel like they were. Admittedly.. I watched on an ipad while I smoked chicken... 

I don't feel you'll be disappointed. I bought a white one last season. I like it a lot. 

I'll buy a red one, no doubt. 

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Sheppard! Big bomb. Cerny is good. 

Bothwell and Foley were nails. Only one of the runs were earned to Bothwell. 

That is also a true road win, not a neutral win. RPI relevant. 

We will be trial-and-error tomorrow... which is fine.. we have a mound of arms available. Manase, Keyster, Phillips, Grable, and a shew of others haven't thrown. 

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I apologize-- I did not realize AJ Sheppard had sat out his SR year of HS, as well, with injury. 655 days since his first surgery. Missed 2 full years of baseball. There is going to be an immsense amount of rust there. 

A couple of things- I am not sure how often you guys saw us last year, but AJ was the kid in the big arm/elbow brace with a mohawk that pretty much ran rampant through the dugout cheering for teammates regularly. Big time recruit-- committed to Mercer his FR yr of HS, I believe. Was thought to be a potential MLB draftee out of HS but was injured.

Him being in the lineup THIS early, imo, says something about how highly thought of he is by our staff. A catcher, as well, I would certainly think Stadler/Sheppard manning the catcher spot, and Tibbitts sticking at 1B is our preferred route forward. 

Anyways-- Duke put up like 28 runs yesterday and hit 10+ HRs againsr George Mason.. so if they are for sure legit-- Top 12 team, and Coastal is a true Top 25 team.... 

Hoosiers are going to be just fine. These have been two well played games-- and other than five innings where we faced a Top 10 arm, right off the bat, without our leadoff hitter.... we have scored 10 runs in 13 innings. 

Other quick notes--- Mercer having the confidence to throw Whiteaker and Adyen Decker-Petty in BIG spots against Duke game 1... is both genius and could be incredibly exciting for us later on... 

Whiteaker I expected to make a jump-- but still-- didnt pitch a ton of huge spots last year, I really think he has a chance to have a good year. 

Ayden Decker-Petty, however, while he was a highly rated recruit, he didn't throw many innings as a FR-- (needed weight room work, mostly).. and was never used against good teams/midweek games only

But holy cow-- he looked solid. 

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