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2/27 vs. PFW


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4pm BTN+

Benes gets the midweek start, again. Looked solid in his first start, allowed a solo HR. I like that they are going back to him as a starter this week. Maybe let him get 2-3 innings today. 

Katskee will pitch. Maybe some other FR arms... we still haven't seen Grable. (D1 Baseball rated him our best transfer arm, and can bring 95+)... so we'll see. 

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Last night was a joke by our pitching staff, tbh. It didn't matter who Mercer threw, not many executed. 

Benes was really good to start the game. Maybe next week and beyond he will try and throw 3-4 innings, instead of 1 or 2. Keyster got us out of jam, but Mercer pulled him in the subsequent inning. Katskee looked great, at one point, getting us out of a jam... then came out the next inning and served up two solos. 

McKay Whiteaker has to be better. Him giving up the 3-run HR, when it was already 5-0 was ridiculous. 

Joey Brenczeswki has been REALLY good, imo, for us...but he made one massively stupid base running mistake last night. It was B4  with 2 outs, there was a runner on 2nd, he was on 1st, Colopy had a 2-0 count--- and Joey got picked off 1st. We were only down 3-0 at that point. 


This changes nothing, but I hope they ate some humble pie for breakfast. 

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