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So proud of Texas.....


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... in the way they have come together after the recent disaster that struck their cities.  After watching hours and hours of rescue videos of people and animals, I am blown away with how these Texans have come together to help their fellow Americans out.  I am so proud of that. And if you have the time.... please, please check out the many, many You Tube videos of Texans helping Texans out.

My wife was born in Texas. And spent her formative years in Texas..... before moving to Michigan.  Still has many relatives in Texas.  And we would visit on a regular basis.  Not so much for now.  She started out in a tiny town close to Waco..... called Rosebud.  One stop light town. Not sure if they even need it now. 

Just over 1k people living in Rosebud now.  However, it was the home of one of the greatest NFL running backs.... Ladanian Tomilson.  Maybe the town's only claim to fame.... other that my wife.  LOL

But... the thing I remember most..... traveling to Rosebud.  Is taking the highway there.... off the inter state.  Two lanes.  And as you would come up to a car..... ready to pass.... they would pull off to the shoulder.... and wave you past.  AND,  AND.... as cars on the other side approached you.... they would stick their hands out of the window.... and wave to you.  Even knowing we had out of state plates.

Just amazing people.


And don't forget.... our own Hoosier Hoopster is living in Texas.  Wish him well, through this time. 

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