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This made me think of the bridge across Fee Lane.


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New pedestrian bridge collapses at Florida International University, crushing eight cars driving underneath

When I was a student at IU, majoring in business, I loved the short walk from McNutt to the brand new school of business building.  It was not named Kelley at the time.  But considering the size of IU.... it was just a hop, skip  and a jump to classes, compared to my friends living in McNutt. Came in very nice on those cold snowing Bloomington winter days.

Understanding that the KOB has greatly expanded since my student days. And knowing there is a bridge that connects the Graduate School and KOB over Fee Lane.... I can't help but reflect on when there was not bridge.... and am in pain, knowing what happened at FIU.  Prayers to all the families that had parts of their families effected by what happened with the bridge collapse...... and great full nothing like that has happened to our Fee Lane bridge. 

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