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Did not want to hijack our tribute thread to Daryl Thomas.  But feel compelled to post what is currently on my mind.

There are not one, but at least two pay-per view Hoosier Sites out there that have threads on their member's only boards about Daryl's passing. And I just have to ask myself, why ?  Sure Daryl was a special Hoosier.  But is this breaking or special news, when multiple sites and papers are reporting the passing of Daryl ?

Just the other day, I talked about information coming from these pay per view sites. Wondering why people are willing to pay for information, that becomes general knowledge the very next day.  And in Daryl's case, the very same day.

One more reason why..... Hoosier Sports Nation members will NEVER ever have to pay for IU news coming their way.

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13 minutes ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

I think folks pay for those site because it makes them feel IM-PO-TENT!!!!

Love your play on words. 

Honesty.  I could understand it at one time.  When sites like theirs were first getting off the ground. And there was not much else to choose from.  But no longer.

The pressure is on to bring money in.  Or else you are gone. John Decker, Terry H. and Albers can attest to that.

Still.... the question remains, why pay  for information that eventually comes out in the wash ?  With so many other great sites willing to share that supposed "inside information" free of charge ? 

Heard back from several of our members who are members, but thinking of dropping them. One in particular.  Regarding the insight. one former member of the press was giving in terms of the Garland recruitment.  Talk about leading members down a rabbit hole !

Oh well, you get what you pay for. Lately from what members have been telling me.... it isn't much.  Other than ads popping up all the time. 

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