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Big Ten Men's Basketball Transfers & Early entrants

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Illinois : Black Going pro !! Finke & Lucas both transferring to other schools !!  IOWA:: Ellingson & Wagner both transferring !! Moss maybe going pro ?  Maryland  Jackson Gone:: to NBA ! Michigan State "" Bridges & Jackson going PRO [?] Maybe Ward as well ? Minnesota "" Fitzgerald transferring out !  Wisconsin :: 7'0 Van Vliet transferring out !! Ohio State losing Bates-Diop to the NBA ! Carson Edwards of the pee yew smellermakers has put his name in for the NBA Draft without signing with an AGENT !! Here's hoping they { The NBA Brains ] tell him , " We want you NOW"  !! [VBG] This is no way finished or a complete list ! it will be about 17 or 18 more days that college players can put their names into the NBA Draft !!

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