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It's Mother's Day weekend...


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I can't take credit for this idea. Mark Packer on SiriusXM ESPNU did this today.

To honor your mother, wife, or mother of your children, do you have a a sports related story to share?

For instance...

My wife and I were visiting our friends in suburban Chicago for a weekend. This was in the mid-80s. Friends wanted to take us to one of the trendy, new restaurants, Studebakers. They had one of those cars displayed in the restaurant. Problem was, they had a dress code- no jeans, shirts had to have a collar. We had only packed for the weekend so we had to go shopping to meet the requirements.

Sitting at our table. Restaurant nice, but in a strip mall. Our table was on a window, overlooking the parking lot. A guy gets out of his car and starts walking towards the entrance. He's wearing jeans and the Flashdance, sleeveless shirt (remember, this is the 80s) and some bling. My wife comments, " this guy will never get in." 

So, when the guy walks right by the maitre'd , my wife, peeved over having to go shopping for appropriate attire, decided to take this up with the management. Now, my buddy and I knew who this was, but no way were we getting in the way of my wife, who had worked up a head of steam.

The response she got when she confronted them about this supposed breach of their rules? " Mr. Payton owns the restaurant. He comes and goes as he pleases." Yep, it was Walter. The car he had pulled up in was a gold Rolls Royce. To my wife's credit, she did know who Walter was, and gracefully apologized. My buddy and I couldn't stop laughing.

That's my wife, and I love her more than anything.

Okay, HSN. What's your story?

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