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Did you Know ??????????????

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1. That pee yew's Caleb Swanigan led the entire NATION in total REBOUNDS last season with 436  rebounds hauled in ???

2.Or that he [Swanigan] was actually 2nd. in the Nation in average # of rebounds per game last season with 12.5 rebounds per game last season ???(  Do you think the pee yew's will miss ole "Biggie" this season ??? I DO !!!!!!!!!)

2. That Mo Evans of Fort Wayne was 11th. IN THE NATION in ASSISTS last season with 205 ASSISTS for an average of 6.2 ASSISTS per game last season?????

3.That Mo Evans of Fort Wayne was ALSO 14th. IN THE NATION last season with 43/3 % of 3 point shot attempts MADE ????????

4. That Jon Konchar of Fort Wayne was # 7 IN THE NATION in % of field goals MADE at 63.7 % last season?????

5. That Peter Jerk [er-Jok] of Iowa was 7th. IN THE NATION in MADE FREE THROW ATTEMPTS at 91.1% last season???

6. That Reggie Lynch of Minnesota was 2nd. IN THE NATION with 3.5 BLOCKS per Game last season??? 

7. Or that Mike Watkins of Penn State was # 9 IN THE NATION last season in BLOCKS with 2.7 Blocks PER GAME last season???

Thank GOD that Mo Evans ,  Caleb Swanigan , and Peter Jerk [ er Jok] are all GONE , GONE , GONE, GONE !! AND -IU will NOT have to compete versus those 3 in 2017-2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Hoosiers !! Kick BUTT in 2017-2018 !!

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