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My Bill Mallory Confession

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No question.... that the administrations of Indiana have made some serious mistakes over the years in terms of mistakes when making decisions about who should or should not be in charge of either our BB or FB programs.

Mike Davis.... replacing Knight ?  Yet, Davis continues to speak highly of IU, while the other guy wishes death upon IU administrators. 

And then the need to  continue the replacement with another minority (not saying having a minority is wrong, but just the choice).... named Kelvin Sampson ?

What about Cam Cameron to replace Bill Mallory ?  Though a legacy.  What a joke.  Even changed the iconic logo on the helmets.  That's a legacy ? 

Or the decision to elect Bill Lynch as head coach after the tragic death of what could have become the greatest IUFB coach after Bill Mallory.... Terry Hoeppner ?


Here's the thing about Bill Mallory.  He never turned on the greatness of what he created for Indiana University.  Even though he got fired after being the coach who won the most games in IUFB history.... unlike another head IUBB coach who after winning the most games in IUBB history turned on my loved university.  Same situations....yet quite different results.  Tells me.... the true measure of the two men.  One stayed in Bloomington to help build the community.... while the other only visits to pilfer money from the


And in terms of TDH.  He did not have to post this long ago article from the IDS ....here for all of us to share.  Could have kept it to himself.  We would have never known the difference.  But.... just like Coach Mallory.... TDH cares and cared too much for our University... not to be a part of it... and continue to share.

Hats off to both TDH... and Coach Mallory.   Personally.... I would love to see a statue, similar to Chancellor Wells who to this day greets students in the old quad... erected outside of the now beautiful Memorial Stadium... erected to honor Bill Mallory... the man who never gave up on Indiana University.... even after being fired from IU.


Bill Mallory Celebration of Life Program

 Bill Mallory: A Celebration of Life Part One

 Bill Mallory: A Celebration of Life Part Two 






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Hey people. If you have not watched the two videos that Mike over at Peegs provided for us on You Tube, that I linked above ^^ about the Celebration of Life Program for Coach Mal... then you are doing yourself a disfavor.   Amazing.... amazing speakers.  I know each is long.  But truly worth the time invested. 

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