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Cooper, Passmore already getting IU education


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Wow cool ties to a very critical region for IU Football, and a bit of a blast from he past since I still remember this guy's name somehow too!  I did forget what number he wore and position since that had to be over 30 years ago roughly?  

My English, Morris, and Norris people were main players for North way back when so I "fan boy-ed" out hardcore . Although I stopped following North so closely after the Scalf tenure I was a huge fan of BHSN growing up as a very young kid. 

Aside of ties to those days,  from as early on as I could read and understand football,  I would also read the Herald Telephone religiously, and used to be able to recite every name and position on North's teams from like age 8 or 9  through my own time in high school. 

I hope he keeps them coming to Bloomington for college,  too! 

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