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Reese Taylor

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Haha when I read your posts I could almost swear we have doppelganger mentalities about sports, especially IU Football.You seem to have a keen awareness of intangible factors and that is refreshing and a relief to see especially among IU Football related material.Not just this story.How everything IU has accumulated up to now translates is anyone's guess.If not for injuries I think that a breakthrough is hindsight talk already.They just need a few breaks and that includes on and off the field.That starts with players who create their breaks.I just think his traits aren't being acknowledged as widely by most writers hence the heaping of praise here.Taylor really makes a lot of what embodies a winner tangible though so to me personally an early felt and lasting impact really wouldn'' t be such a huge revelation to me or anyone else who has followed his development closely for 2 or 3 years, but to some people,and many outside of Indiana, I think he still dawns as a big revelation.That is lack of height and playing HS FB in basketball mad Indiana for you.

My first thought on Taylor after having  saw much of him at B.D., then learning he had committed to IU was ultimately a player somewhere in between Randle El and Charles Woodson 2.0.And the thing about Taylor is I feel confortable omitting "poor man's version".Lol 

Loved this read and I love that Allen and staff are not only pulling more talent but also more winners.The last time my hopes were this high for an incoming player projected to the D was Antonio Allen.We know how that turned out and so much potential was there,bit notnthe right character obviously. That's why I'm happy Taylor comes off like he has a great level head about life, and knows what he needs to do to enhance his chances of getting where he wants to be.He can shoulder everyone else on the field with him and it sets him apart .Down the road, before its all said and done for him with the Hoosiers he coukd be better than Allen or Tracy Porter if he stays in the Defensive backfield.Some kids make plays , and a special few others have a knack for willing a team to W's .That potential might appear to be more limited at this level, but kids like Reece slipping through the cracks and ending up at the IUs of the football world are one of the main things that makes sports so fun.Also why I think he could be very much the type of impact Woodson made at Michigan.Sometimes it just takes that one kid to elevate everyone when the talent is capable enough to compete.That part is already being well addressed now it just needs to be put in a position to succeed by the coaches and the more experienced guys leading for now.

Forgive the length, but I work a lot and stalk posts and IU stories all week.Feelings and thoughts get really pent up with one or two days off every summer month.I'm as comprehensively understanding of IU Football as any fellow diehard though.This season I' more focused on players' individual traits and tendencies since we didn' get the spring game made public due to that crap weather.That and research out the ears are the best barometer the average fan gets before they count in the fall.


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