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Athlon B10 Coaches discussion

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Thanks for the share Snowling! The anonymous takes are always refreshing when we're used to hearing PC coach-speak BS 99% of the time. Even if some of the remarks came off as ill-informed. 

The only way I know how to take the remark about commitment to Football is IU not going all-in with an arm and a leg on salaries to pull in a notable elite level head coach. Save for that  one possibility for the context, that particular comment was out of touch to the point of being comical.   More to like than dislike.

My take-away from the thoughts on Iowa:  Ferentz is a great guy, they envy him, and Iowa is the most complacent with mediocrity of any program in the NCAA.  Given the tolerance level for Fran with their BB teams, it's merely peer confirmation. lol   They just want "wives" who won't leave them .....:D


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