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I know we don't normally talk too much about other sites, but has CQ packed it up?


There's not been anything posted to the site in a while which is disappointing.  I always enjoyed their take, especially Kyle Swick, I thought he was hilarious.  


I didn't know if anyone on here had heard anything.  Any response is appreciated!

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5 hours ago, rico said:

Whoa!!!!!!  There is another IU site?

Yep.  I know you are pranking us.  And so glad you are part of our family. In fact, today, there are a lot of other IU sites.  I harken back to the days when we had Terry Hutchins on the Indy Star and Peegs on Rivals, and John Decker, and not much else.   Many great sites out there, now.  In fact, there is  one that kind of took  off of HSN... when two of our mods went rogue on us, and joined that site.  Still... they are all welcome and appreciated.  One of the best, and newest is our friend.... The Daily Hoosier.  I know he honors us with links from time to time...  but check his site out.... as he does a fantastic job for all that is IU sports.  Lots that he does not link here. And is developing a great reputation among  podcasters who request him to have as a guest.   And the best part, is that he does not put any of his great IU "stuff" behind a paywall, unlike some other IU sites. 

 We Are Family

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