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HSN Rules

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The same as they've ever been.



Thank you to everyone that gave us input regarding guidelines for keeping civil discourse on the forum. Here is what we came up with...Not long but important.

-Respect all members, including moderators.

-No name calling.

-No deliberate attempts to hijack threads.

-No cursing.

-No nude or vulgar material.

-No soliciting.

-No posting of copy written material, without giving a link, or credit.

-No politics or religion.

-Any questions about posts/threads getting deleted, should be addressed to any moderator via a private message, rather than posed on the board.



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Hello all -

After internal deliberation, the mod team is adding a new rule - debate the post, not the poster.  

If you'd like to engage with a poster, ensure that you're responding to the merits of their post, not the identity of the poster.  Some people are optimistic, some people are pessimistic, but we will absolutely not allow posters to - directly, indirectly, vaguely, hintingly, or any other possible iteration - bully, harass, or otherwise chagrin another because of their views.  Debate the merits of someone's point all you like.  If you say they're wrong because they're a sunshine pumper or they're an eternal pessimist, you'll find yourself with a warning point.

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